Las Vegas May 2011

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Exciting Updates!

5 pounds down since moving home! WOOOO HOOOO! Went and bought some new shorts and a couple dresses for myself -- thanks to a gift card to Kohl's from my BFF, Nurse Molly!  Gotta love sales and coupons!

I went to Max-Wellness a week or so ago and picked up some coconut oil, vitamins, and fish oil. It started out on my girl's vacation with some of my BFFs from high school. They had mentioned B12 as a supplement to help with my weight loss. I had all intentions of adding that to my diet but I talked with a really nice lady who knew a LOT about the products in the store. She advised me to just start with a regular vitamin supplement and then in a week or two if I didn't feel I had enough energy to add the B12 for a little extra push.  Luckily I haven't needed to go pick it up though I don't really feel a difference in my energy level -- but I also haven't taken the vitamin every day.  I usually smash it and put it in my fruit smoothie.  The vitamin is all organic and doesn't have a pleasant smell buuuuut it's fine in my smoothie. Don't taste it at all.

The coconut oil also smells better than it tastes. I tried it just by itself and it had too much of an oily taste to it so I just add that in basically anything I'm cooking.  Eggs -- which sounds pretty gross but I figured what the heck? I needed to get it in so that's how I did it. Had an interesting taste to it.  If you like to try different foods, go for it.  If you aren't very much of a risk taker with foods, you probably won't like it. Luckily you can cook and bake with the coconut oil so it is very versatile. I also put this in my smoothie and it gives it a nice little coconut taste.

The fish oil -- let me tell you all something. I grew up in Florida but I can't stand fish. I've tried a few kinds but just isn't my cup of tea -- until I went on vacation last week and tried grilled salmon. Holy moly I LOVED it!!!! My other BFF, Marissa ordered it at the Salty Dog Cafe in Hilton Head, South Carolina and I remembered my friend who also doesn't like fish said she loved salmon so I wanted to give it a whirl. I was shocked with how it didn't taste like fish at all!  I said it tasted like a burger and chicken. Weird, right? The oil(?) had a resemblance to the grease of a burger but like the consistency of chicken. I don't know how else to explain it lol. Back to the fish oil -- I opted for the oil because I am not a good pill taker. I was worried it would taste fishy but it doesn't at all. It is lemon flavored and I also add this to my smoothies.  This is something you can't use to cook but can put on salads and other food.

From taking these supplements I've noticed my skin has a nice glow to it and is softer. Nurse Molly said I should notice it in my hair as well but I usually keep my hair up since I'm still looking for a job (shameless plug!) while I'm in school. I'm cutting my locks and donating them to Locks of Love on Friday.

Another pretty cool thing -- I received an email from a woman who works with Beachbody (P90x ring a bell with any of you? They created it!) and they've been reading my blog and would like me to write about their products so this could be cool!  Waiting on more information so I'll let everybody know if this is something I decide to take on.

"More die in the United States of too much food than too little." -- John Kenneth Galbraith