Las Vegas May 2011

Monday, July 7, 2014

One Year Later!

July 7th, 2014 marks one year when I decided I had enough of being fat - I was tired of being tired... didn't want chest pains anymore.  I wanted to feel healthy again.  I had a goal - #BikiniBy30.  It wasn't a desire to be a gorgeous beach babe in a bikini... but a bikini to me would mean "health."  It would mean I made better choices in my life.  It wasn't how I would look (well, ok, maybe I wanted to look better - who doesn't... but the main thing was that it would mean I took control of my life.)  What a year it has been.  I am down 35.5 pounds in one year! I ran two 5ks! I wobbled a little a few pounds but I am still on the downward spiral!

Started at 240... now down to 204.5!

The next few pictures are a little off because I started weighing in on the Publix Higi machine in August but here are the "official" computer results:

My weight loss - you can see where I plateaued a few times (mainly around Thanksgiving/Christmas... then went up a little when I started having some dinner dates - the old saying is true - when you start dating somebody, you gain weight! Never again (will I gain when dating lol.) This is probably my favorite graph of all time lol

BMI - still "obese" but closer to "overweight" 

Blood pressure... it is usually always normal.

Pulse - all over the place

Transformation! WAHOO!!!

I have purchased my bikini top - in a size 12!  It is a gorgeous coral color.  I saw it in Bealls in the fall.. and it was on sale this weekend so I went and snagged it up before it was sold out (like the bottoms were :(  )  Now I am working on getting my white belly tanned up so that it will be ready for public beaches sometime in my 30th year :)  Going to keep fighting!  Thank you to all who have asked me what was up when they had not seen an update in a while!  Thank you to all who have messaged me to ask what I was doing and wanted my help.  I'm glad I could help give you some advice on your journey.  Please don't hesitate to ask or if you need a little bump in motivation!  YOU CAN DO THIS!!!

"No matter how slow you go, you are still lapping everybody on the couch." - Unknown