Las Vegas May 2011

Sunday, June 9, 2013

You're Beautiful

Sometimes you just need to hear the words, "You look beautiful." to help get the crank going.  Just realized it's been about nine months since my last update. Gained a couple pounds back.. but still down 5.  Ugh.  But recent events in my life have made me want to care more about myself... again.

I got all dolled up and met some friends out for drinks and the guys kept telling me how beautiful I looked throughout the night.  (And the boys showed up at different times, so it wasn't a chain reaction, either.)  It really made me feel special... which is funny because I should have been thinking, "Are they on crack?"  but I didn't.  I took the compliments and just felt so happy and comfortable in myself for some odd reason.  I don't know -- maybe they just seemed to mean it and it wasn't just something they felt they had to say.  With that, and a slew of other events, it's made me realize that I am beautiful - inside and out.  I just know I'd feel more comfortable feeling it and seeing it on the outside for myself.  

I have been walking with friends around my neighborhood.. and hitting up the gym every now and then... and swimming some laps in my pool now that it's warming up :)  

So for any guys out there reading this -- if you see a girl, tell her how beautiful she looks (and mean it.)  You never know what it means to her.  

"Our greatest glory is not falling, but in rising every time we fall." - Confucius