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Monday, July 29, 2013

Day 2... NO FLU!

Second day on Whole9 and I feel great!  Had a tiny headache during the day but it was no big deal.  For breakfast, I heated up a piece of my egg bake that I premade yesterday.  It was a variation of this.  I just cut up a bunch of veggies... cooked up some chorizo sausage and then put that on top.   Scrambled I think 10 eggs and poured it on top.  Baked it. Cooled it.  Put it in the fridge.  This will last me through the week!

Lunch was a big ole salad with a yellow pepper, broccoli, grape tomatoes, and strawberries.  Tossed it with my homemade greek dressing.

Dinner -- cut up half a zucchini and a few pieces of broccoli.  Sauteed it with some EVOO and garlic.  Added fresh basil and oregano a little later and a roma tomato.  Meanwhile, cooked up a burger on the stove.  Put the veggies on my plate -- added some pepper and red pepper flakes, and topped it with some Cholula hot sauce.  Put the burger on top with some dijon mustard and an avocado.  Filled me right on up!

Again, Whole9 is no grain.. no sugar.. no dairy and a few other no-nos.  Reading labels is key.  Check it out here and join me on the lifestyle change!

"Every time you are tempted to react in the same old way, ask if you want to be a prisoner of the past or a pioneer of the future."  Deepak Chopra

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Carb Flu

I have started a new lifestyle.. and let me tell you.. this is TOUGH.  I'm not even through day one.  It is the Whole9 lifestyle change.  Basically no sugar, dairy or carbs. Me not eating cheese? Are you kidding?  Thank God we aren't in football season yet -- I gotta have my beer during the games. I kinda did this on a whim.  My friend Stephanie told me about how she's never felt better and dropped a ton of weight so far - along with her boyfriend.  She talked me into it last night so I looked up some recipes this morning and thought I'd give it a whirl.  She has struggled with up-and-down weight as I have so if she found something that worked, I may as well try something else.  Breakfast was a couple eggs, green and red pepper, and an avocado.  Yum!  Lunch was a salad with a DELICIOUS dressing I made that I found on Pinterest.  Follow my board here for Paleo/Whole9 recipes.  Dinner was spaghetti squash with homemade sauce and turkey sausage.

I premade breakfast for tomorrow - an egg bake with a bunch of veggies and chorizo sausage.  Had a bite to try and it was yummy.  A little nuke in the microwave in the AM and I'll be set.

As I was munching on my dinner, I started to crave bread... bad.  I started to get a headache.  I never get headaches!  I texted dear old Stephanie and she said that is what is called the carb flu and to get used to it for a week or two.  I should prepare to feel nauseous, tired, and crave for two weeks.  After that I should feel golden.  Let me tell you -- I wanted to cry.  I felt like a hormonal teenager getting my period for the first time AND going through crack withdraws.  Not even a whole day through and I was craving bread.  Crazy how our bodies work.  She told me to push through and it gets better.  Mom suggest we take a dip in the pool.  That did the trick.  I felt much better.  I feel better now.

As for the weight -- I lost 2.5 pounds the first week... then gained 1.5 pounds over the next two weeks.  My exercise has been going well and my muscles are a lil achy so I'm not worried about the weight gain.  I can tell a difference in my thighs - hallelujah!  And, I even bought some new shorts and dresses :)  I bought a dress a few weeks ago while I was on vacay that was too tight and I wore it last week! HOLLER!

Share your recipes with me and other blog visitors!  Cheers to our fitness!

"Listen closely: the only time it's too late to change yourself is when you're dead. Until then, you're simply making excuses or lying to yourself."

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Making it Public... Again

I posted on social media today a picture of the scale -- my produce haul -- and me exercising.  I'd love to add it here right now but it won't let me email it to myself.  Hmm.. well, check my Facebook or Instagram.  Needless to say, my birthday is in 2 weeks. My 8th anniversary of my 21st birthday as I like to say.  Then it'll be the big 3-0 next year.  #bikiniby30 -- that's my new thing.  I probably still have one shoved in the back of my drawer that I wore once, maybe twice... in the privacy of my home... when I lost weight back in high school. It's blue and sparkly -- doesn't get much better than that!  I'd love to whip that sucker out again!

I was back looking at some old posts where I said I wanted an Olympic butt lol.  Mine is so boring!  I remember a few years ago I was getting a nice shape to it from using the elliptical.  That's my fav machine!  Yesterday I did 20 mins on the bike... 30 mins on the elliptical... 30 mins circuit training... and prob 30 minutes of swimming/jumping around the pool.  Not bad, not bad.

Today I made some fun recipes from Pinterest.  A cucumber salad that was so simple and tasty!  Cut it up real thin... put it in a bowl... few squirts of lemon juice and EVOO -- a few dashes of chili powder to your liking.  Cover it - shake it - yum yum yum!

I also made sweet potato chips.  Cut the sweet potato real thin. Preheat 425.. cook for 15-25 minutes (depending on how thin you cut them - the thinner the better.)  I put some salt and vinegar in a bag and when the chips were done, add them, give a lil shake, and BAM a tasty and mostly healthy snack.

I just premade my salad for work tomorrow so I'll just have to put it in my lunchbox and head out the door!  Have some yogurt and fruit to snack on. Trying to cut down on carbs like so many have suggested and I know.  I have been cutting down on sammiches for lunch and have been adding more salads.  Think I'll bring some soup, too.  Soup and a salad... then head to the gym after.  Homework is going on the back burner.  I'm pretty much caught up with all that - just have to finish writing my Prospectus (what on earth is that anyway??)

Now -- I know the sweet potato is a starch... but isn't that a good carb since it's a veggie?  If you have some great recipes, share them in the comments!

I hope to be updating this more often now... including my little thermometer which I had been neglecting.  (I HAD been down 12 pounds... Now at 2.5... but no looking back.  Only forward.)

Time to bring back an old quote since I love my food... and need to remember moderation is key.

"Food does not taste as good as thin feels." -- Unknown