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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

These Boots Were Made For Walking

Hello again! It's weigh-in Wednesday! HOLDING AT 228! No gain! I was worried I might this week -- just didn't feel like I lost anything...and, well, I didn't. But "mother nature" can help with that feeling. Blah.

Let me start off by saying I went on my 2.2 mile walk last night and I wanted to kick it up a notch so I wogged (*For new readers, I said a wog is like a jog, but not so fast so it's like you're walking very fast but it's not a's not a's a wog)...and I wogged...and I wogged. I remember wogging and thinking "Wow, is this more of a jog I'm doing? My breath is still normal...I would have stopped like 20 feet ago, but I'm still good!" and my jog slowed to a wog but DAMN! I went far without having to stop!!!!!!! I was so happy! IT FELT AMAZING!!!!!!!!!! Then, I came to the hill. As I was walking, (yes, I did have to eventually walk. I'm not superwoman...yet) I saw the hill coming up. I had a conversation in my head about whether I should attempt a wog up the hill. By time I finished arguing with myself... if I was ready or not, I was wogging. I looked at the top -- saw the top and aimed for legs were BURNING....BUT I DID IT!!!!!!!!! I MADE IT TO THE TOP OF THE HILL!!!!!!!!!!! Just a few months ago, I was breathing heavy when I went on the walk with Shane...down the lower back ached...and now I was running up the HILL! Can I get an AMMMMMMMMMMMEN? AMEN!

My little fashionista sister helped me with my outfit for this weekend. Taught me how to "hide the fat." Now I think some of those "spring time clothes" I bought the other day can be used on the cruise I'm going on in a few weeks..I'm super excited and nervous (for food and drink, of course.) I plan on bringing my workout  clothes and hope to get some exercising in. I don't think it'll be that hard since the bride-to-be's sister and maid of honor is a hard core trainer. Could be fun! Get ready, girls ;)

And just want to add in here that I've been trying some "home remedies" I've seen on TV shows like Dr. Oz and The Doctors. First, I tried the neti pot. My sneezing went from ten times an hour to ten times a day. Insane how that worked!  Next, I "deep conditioned" my hair with mayo. Yes, MAYO -- the stuff you put on your sammie. Not sure how that worked as I haven't had to "do my hair" in a while since I work from home. But that was interesting. The last thing I tried was putting toothpaste on a zit...holy crap that actually worked, too! Dried that sucker right up better than Clearasil!!! Gotta love these home remedies.

Finally, I must share a picture of my new boots.

I wore them around the house last night to break them in for this weekend. I'm not much of a heel this is another change for me haha. PS: I swear I DO have knees. Glad to see my legs are starting to take shape, too! Holler!

Today's quote comes from a close family friend, Denise. She had this on her Facebook and I told her I was stealing it for my blog :)  This is dedicated to all those that have told me I'm inspiring you, but you just haven't started yet. C'mon now -- read this and go for a walk. That's how I started.

"Don't wait until you're ready. Start now. The circumstances will not be perfect and you won't get it perfect. Start now, however, and you will get it done. You're not going to have everyone's assistance of approval. You can, however, get the jump on your success and get started right now. Do you want to waste your time and energy on elaborate excuses or would you rather invest yourself in achievement? Get started now and get the achievement well underway. You've already delayed long enough and there's no good reason to wait one moment more. The time for action is the time at hand. You're standing squarely in the middle of your life's great and valuable opportunity. Start right now and make all that value yours." -- Ralph Marston

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  1. toothpaste "zit cream" is the best home remedy EVER! one of my roommates back in PSU used to do it. I thought she was crazy...until I tried it.