Las Vegas May 2011

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

No Pain, No Gain

Weigh In Wednesday: 0. Flat. I'm sick and only worked out once or twice this week...but it was a great workout. Went with the sister and leg pressed 180 with ease...could have gone higher but didn't want to test the waters too much. My arms are certainly feeling it today though (2 days later).

Two home football games left. This week is away at Northwestern.

Seeing people I haven't seen in a while makes you look upon the past and how I was treated by some. I used to be a quiet and shy girl and now I'm not either. I was told to stand up for myself and now I do. Ladies and gents -- don't let people walk over you and use you when you're weak. Always stand up and respect yourself.

Sorry this one is short and brain is on vacation (although the cruise isn't for another 2 weeks lol)

"What are stumbling blocks and defeat you before, can be stepping stones to victory if you remain determined" -- Unknown

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