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Thursday, December 8, 2011

A Girl Walks Into A Bar...

Flat week, no change. Ate healthy but only exercised one and a half times so only me to blame with being lazy this week. Going to get a lot of exercise in this weekend as I head to NEW YORK CITY with one of my BFFs and favorite traveling companion, Molly! We have the most fun when we go to new places because we're carefree and just go where the wind takes us. Love going to hole in the wall places and mom and pop shops...any suggestions? We'll take them.  Probably going to use Yelp quite a bit to find fun things to do. Can't wait to see some other friends and family I know there...and also meet for the first time, my co-workers. Yes, for those that don't know, I work from the comfort of my couch for an investment research firm based out of the Big Apple. It'll be nice to put faces with people I converse with on a daily basis.

If you live in the Chicago area, my friend who is a personal trainer there, Stephanie Mansour from Step it Up With Steph, is going to be taping a reality show in a few weeks -- Biggest Loser style!!!!! It could become a national hit, too! She's looking for a woman who wants to shed 30% of her body weight. If you're that somebody, click here to sign up for her free newsless and check out her website for more information! I wish I could do it with her! We'd have fun rocking out to some Hanson I know that!

Let me tell you about my fun weekend. So, last blog I talked about how you should go out and talk to people you don't know. Well, I took my own advice and did just that. Since I work from home all week and talk to my boss via AIM (we are so cool) throughout the day, and then hear my sister yell JENBOP every two seconds when she gets home from school (only for another week..then she moves two hours away and I'll be left all by my lonesome...anybody looking for an apartment here in State College?)  The people I typically hang out with up here were working or doing stuff for THON (yep, some of my favorite people here have just turned 21..Hi Dee!) I decided to get all dolled up, straighten my hair and even put in contacts...and head out to the bar...alone. Who does that? A girl who told you to do it, that's who.  Man, did I have fun!! I ended up at Pickles -- a fun bar here in about 8:45. There was a dude and dudette sitting at the bar and I sat on the corner near them.  We started chatting and I said I was bored, everybody I knew had other plans at the time so I just decided to go out.  They thought that was great...the guy said "I like you! That's awesome!" A few drinks later, and we were singing "Red Solo Cup" and raising our glasses of Blue Moon. Turns out they went to a Catholic high school near my cousins in Philly.

At about 12:45 I decided to go meet my brotha from anotha motha, Justin, at Indigo -- a dance club. It was jam packed. I knew he would be on the dance floor so I walked around the side and was looking for him. As I was standing there, a really cute guy asked me to dance -- first of all, let me say, that I do believe that is the first time a cute guy ASKED me to dance in a college town. Usually they just start dancing up on ya. Very cute. I said I was looking for my friend but thanked him. Stupid me. Then I spotted my friend and went on over. He didn't recognize me at first (probably because he's used to seeing me with either my hair pulled back or under a blue wig and my glasses on while we're tailgating.) but as soon as I opened my mouth, he knew it was me.. ha. Not to mention he probably had a few beers thrown back at this point. We headed out to the dance floor to boogie on down but then some girl grabbed him and away he went. I laughed again and headed home for the night thinking about the great time I had just by going out alone. Who woulda thought? Met some cool people, talked to some cute guys. A+. Now it's your turn!

Go try it and let me know how it goes for you!

"Dare to soar -- how successful you are is determined by your attitude." -- Unknown

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