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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

No Bones About Me

So back at 230...again. +1 this week.  I need to hit the ground running, literally.  Was able to sneak out for one 3 mile walk while I was home in Florida. Did a workout tape with the sis last night, made stuffed green peppers with ground turkey -- added some hot chilis and pizza sauce (yes, pizza sauce...trying to get rid of stuff in the fridge. All tastes the same!)  They were yummo.  Have been eating oatmeal for breakfast with a banana the past two days and salads for lunch.  Last night was family dinner night. "Family dinner night" is something a few friends and I started in college around the holidays -- I'd make a big turkey day and xmas dinner before the breaks. Moving back, we do it on a weekly basis. It's a lot of fun to get together and eat some yummy food and watch Wheel of Fortune -- yelling at everybody who keep buying vowels instead of spinning. It finally bit somebody in the butt last night when it came to the final round before the last puzzle.

Speaking of TV -- ya'll watch the Victoria's Secret Nothing But Bones Fashion Show?  The girls are absolutely gorgeous until the camera pans from their face and goes down and you look at lack of meat. C'mon ladies. Eat more than a Tic Tac for your big meal of the day. Just bones and boobs doesn't turn guys on these days...and we finally have proof. A Penn State student -- male -- Ryan Beckler -- has spoken up.  Victoria, We've Got Our Own Secret.  While most girls were writing on their social media sites how awful they were feeling about themselves, I was feeling pretty good about my 11..well, now 10 pound weight loss knowing that I don't have a boney butt.  My goal is not to at all to go beyond what is healthy -- not saying those girls aren't healthy .... I'm no doctor that has evaluated them. But, I don't want to lose all my curves -- just a few love handles. And I want to be healthy. The lowest I ever got to was a size 10 my junior year of high school. My goal was to be thin by prom. I was pretty cute, if I do say so myself. Then I let myself go -- again. And here I am trying to get back to those size 10 Tommy Hilfiger shorts I have in my drawer at home. I don't think I could go any lower than a size 8 to look good for my body and build and that's cool, yo.

Junior Prom 2001 -- 10 years ago already? YIKES! With my uncle Jerry and sister, Heather

Man, that picture is some inspiration. I can't wait to get back to that weight!

My only thing about the article is -- how many of you good looking, built boys are with overweight chicks? Not many. So what's up with that?  Obviously, first thing you notice about a person is appearance. No brainer. We've all judged a book by the cover ... admit it. Sure, I have. But, I will still talk to the person to get to know them. You know how many times I've talked to a hot guy and then realized how dumb and not funny he was? That will make us ladies (and gents) think you aren't as attractive as we first thought. Same goes for an "unattractive" or "overweight" guy. You WILL become more "attractive" if you have brains and can make us laugh. 'Tis true.  It's happened to me before. So, gents, go talk to that overweight girl with the pretty face...she could be trying to get her life in order in many ways. You never know what you'll find. Could be a single, corny, funny, Penn State enthusiast, sports loving and screaming chick with a college degree like me *coughcough*

My friend Molly and I have decided to be more open about our dating options. We decided one night before going out that we were going to talk to any guy we saw -- started on the bus. We ended up meeting some really awesome...and interesting people that night. So, go give it a try. Go out tonight or this weekend and look at a group of gals/dudes. Just go start talking.  

One more quick story on that note -- there was a guy I met in college that I became pretty good friends with. In high school he was the hot jock. I was the quiet chick in the marching band.  In college, we were both journalism majors on our way to Ohio State for the weekend to cover the football game. We knew nothing about each other until we got in the car and started talking. Amazing just how much we had in common and could talk about different things. I just kept thinking to myself of all the other people I possibly passed up in life. Here I was, the quiet chick with the hot jock. Anyway, no, nothing ever happened -- he had a girlfriend and I was dating a couple other guys at the time anyway. Proof right there that men and women can just be friends, too :)  I do owe him a phone call, though. I'm kinda behind on that front -- sorry friends!

PS: My friend who is an up and coming amazing personal trainer and confidence building life coach made it on CNN on Thanksgiving for the 2nd year in a row!!!!!!! I've mentioned her in blogs past when I did her 30 day plan. She definitely gets to your mind and makes you think about your journey to a healthy life style. Definitely check her out -- and her newsletter is free! CONGRATS, STEPH!!!!!!!

"I wake up every day with the realization that this is it. There's only one shot at this life and I can either enjoy the ride and live it to its fullest and to my highest potential or I can stay the way I am" -- Unknown

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