Las Vegas May 2011

Wednesday, September 28, 2011


I have to start off with saying that I cheated........I had an inkling to get on the scale yesterday after breakfast. I WAS TWO POUNDS LIGHTER! I'M IN THE 220S! 228! WOOP WOOP! (Today is my official weigh-in day. No change and that's OK!)

Not going to lie...I came out into the living room and did a "happy dance."

The weekend wasn't too bad eating and drinking wise with another house full of people. We went out -- I did get the Eddie D from Champs which probably wasn't the best idea. It's a pretty big sammich. But, I only had 1/3 of a sampler of beer and water the rest of the night -- and had a side salad instead of carbs. Then we went to a pizza place on Saturday night and I went for a yummy chicken dish loaded with veggies. And a glass of Cabernet Sauvignon -- good for the heart :) Only had two or three beers during tailgating.

I was craving a milkshake the past few days so I made myself a smoothie. I really can't stand most Greek yogurts and I try to suck them down -- even adding Agave Nectar which didn't help a few weeks ago. So, I took a Greek Yogurt. (I actually do like umm I think it was Oikos brand but I didn't see that in the store this week.) I put it in the blender with some blueberries, strawberries, dried cranberries (that I usually put on my salad), almonds, and agave nectar. Turned on the blender and poured like molasses into the glass. YUMM-O!!!!!!!!!!!! Had the perfect amount of sweetness and texture of a milkshake. Had plenty of vitamins and protein in there as well. I think I'll have another one today!

Been having some trouble trying to find some things to write on my Step it Up with Steph  except about people that hold you back/help you. Gotta give a shoutout to my manager, Josh, who asks me every few days how things are going. He works in NY (I'm in State from home) and we were just talking about what I'm to work on to start with this morning so he said same as yesterday... and "and update blog, obviously."  Gotta love it! I was also shocked to hear from people that I don't really talk to much anymore that wrote me and told me they read this! Awesome! A few people have said I hope to inspire them -- YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE! GO START NOW!!!!!!!!!!!

My ending quote this week comes from a guy I met freshman year of college at Penn State Berks. Steve has lost a TON of weight and said this on his Facebook status...

"Think you're out of gas? You're not -- do another set. Think you're at your limit? Push a little harder and see if you were right -- I bet you weren't. You haven't lost the game until you're defeated in your head" -- Steve Spohn


  1. thanks for the greek yogurt recommendation.. every one i've tried makes me want to vomit. i'm going to try the oikos!

  2. Try Green Monsters, They are soooo good!

    1 Banana
    1-1/2 cup spinach
    2 tsp pnut butter just for tast
    skim milk

    It sounds disgusting and looks disgusting, but the spinach is flavorless so it tastes like a banana shake, but damn its sooo good! Plus it is packed with vitamins, potassium and a little bit of healthy fat from the peanut butter!

    Loving the blog!


  3. that sounds awesome and delicious kate!