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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Sorry for the delay...

First off, my apologies for my lack of blogging and a huge THANK YOU to those that remembered Wednesday is my weigh in day and have been asking where the new blog updates are. You really help to keep me on my toes. The last two weeks have been insane. I did have a couple fabulous workouts at my gym. WOOT WOOT. Then last week I was so swamped with work, I fell behind with everything -- blogging, exercising, and my Step it Up with Steph workbook. I got caught up today...phew! I certainly learned a lot and had some interesting exercises. She had a quote in there about treating your body like it's your friend. Never thought about that before. You don't want to treat you friend like poop with giving him/her junk food and crap all the time -- you want you friend to be successful and happy in their life.  That was very interesting. Another thing was reading about how people that always think they are right are miserable. Man, could that not be any more true!!!!!!! I took a recent event and thought, "Wow, that is so dead on."

OK, so now that's out of the way, I must say...I was feeling kind of down last week with still at the same freaking weight. Then, I was getting ready to go out to the bar for my dear friend's 21st birthday and I started trying on some old clothes...THEY WERE FITTING BETTER!!!

(I'm the one in silver! Haha...OK, stop laughing ;) )

But I noticed the fat rolls/muffin top/love handles/insert nickname here had gone down...and I fit a little less snug in my skirt. HOLLER! So that made me feel good. I limited myself to three drinks throughout the night...and we boogied on the dance floor to shake off some calories. It was a great night.

This past weekend I went to Philly with my friend and saw a bunch of friends and family I haven't seen in quite some time. Though the Penn State game had it's up...and downs...the Phillie's game was great! My second Phillie's game...first in the new stadium which is pretty bangin'.

My friend from college, Claudia, and me outside Lincoln Financial Field

From the picture I first posted in the blog from my trip to Vegas in May til now, I can see changes in my face...thank goodness! 

Last night I was watching The Biggest Loser for the first time in several seasons. Not sure why I stopped watching...I think because I had "given up" on myself for a while. But, I watched last night and was shocked to see that I could be a contestant! I weigh the same as some of them now! Definitely not a good feeling. The only good feeling was knowing that I could definitely do better in that mile run/walk to get to my trainer of choice. 

I went grocery shopping last night and bought some romaine lettuce for wraps...flatbread for sammies and a bunch of other healthy fruit and veggies. I plan on making hummus for this week's tailgate -- my apologies for garlic breath ahead of time. But, it's so gosh darn healthy and delish. My mom gave me a homemade recipe which is out of this world. Here...I'll even share.

In blender or food processor, 1 garlic clove (I used minced garlic that I have in my fridge), 1 can chick peas drained, juice of 1 lemon ( 2 tsps...I used lemon from the bottle in my fridge), little salt, little hot sauce, 2 sprigs fresh thyme ( I used it from the spice rack). Blend all that and then add olive oil till the consistency you like!!

Now, I think I added quite a bit extra garlic and lemon and thyme to it. You have to keep adding and tasting until you get it the way you like. Actually, I think I added extra of everything lol. I love to taste spices and herbs.  My friends really liked it, too.

I guess I should write about the weigh-in. Still the freaking same...though I'm not surprised with the lack of exercise from last week. I also failed myself in saying I would only have one cookie at the tailgate. I had three. Oh I so mad!!! But, it reminds me for future tailgates how pissed I am now so I WON'T DO IT AGAIN!

And once again, thank you thank you thank you to all my friends and family keeping me on track. Through Facebook, phone calls, texts and even gmail chat -- you keep checking on me and I love it. I'm so glad I started this blog. Now it's time to start work for the day :)

My quote this blog comes from The Biggest Loser last night when Debbie got kicked off.

"It is OK for me to think about myself; that I can have a life, too" -- Debbie, The Biggest Loser

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  1. So glad you're documenting this! It is so common to have the scale not budge when you first start out on a healthy eating / workout plan. In fact, some of my clients even GAIN pounds bc they are gaining muscle, which is ESSENTIAL to burning more fat. Don't be discouraged! You're so inspiring and you'll see the number reflect how you feel in your clothes (thinner) soon :)