Las Vegas May 2011

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Down 1 in Florida!

Sorry I didn't write last week. I was sick, was flat, and then just forgot and then my visitors were here for the weekend.  But I'm back and down a pound this week bringing me back down to the 220s!! 229! Which is down 11 total.

I live in (well, lived in and will soon be living in again...) a very nice neighborhood. I'm usually the first to always say hello to people when walking but not today. The old folks said hi like a mile before we even met up...or probably more like 15 feet. Gorgeous day!!! Yesterday mom and I went for a walk and today she is working so I picked it up a lil bit and wogged a little. So weird on flat surface with no hills lol.  The loop around the neighborhood is just short of 3 miles my dad said...which is longer than my 2.2 miles up in PA.

Some other good news today -- I'M A GODMOTHER!!!!!!!!! My friends Chris and Courtney welcomed their son, Camden Christopher on 11/1/11 at 11:28pm. He weighed in at 7 pounds 5 ounces and I can't wait to meet him!! He is seriously the cutest thing ever and I'm so blessed to have this opportunity to be his godmother :)

I must plug my boss's band. Not sure if I did or not, but THEY HAVE NOT ONE, BUT TWO VIDEOS ON MTV'S MOST POPULAR!!!!!!!!!!!!  If you like bands such as Good Charlotte and Simple Plan, etc, you will definitely like them. Their one video got up to #12 beating out a lot of popular peeps. So, CLICK ME and give them more votes...they are down in the 20s now I think but bring them back! The video is in the spirit of Halloween so enjoy. THE OTHER VIDEO, HERE, is about losing and helping those who commit/try to commit suicide. It is a thing near and dear to my heart as I've lost far too many friends and family members to suicide so enjoy the video and meaning and please share :)

Tomorrow I head out on a bachelorette cruise for one of my BFFs, Dana! Can't wait until all my girls are reunited again :)

OH! and I must share who my other bff, Molly and I dressed up for as Halloween...

Tony Okungbowa and Ellen DeGeneres!

Coozie the Snowman at our FOOTBALL TAILGATE...we got 7 inches of snow. Fun times...

"A moment on the lips, a lifetime on the hips" -- No idea...but my dad says it all the time


  1. Hey Jennifer:

    I have been following your journey and routing for you. I am disappointed that you posted a picture of yourself in Black face. It almost seems improbable in this day and age that you would think this is ok.
    The same sensitivity you seek from others should have been shown. It is not funny, clever or cute.

  2. Hello anonymous. Thanks for following. Sorry that's how you feel. It was Halloween and my friend and I absolutely love watching Ellen. This was in no way to disrespect other races. I adore Tony and don't think he or Ellen would have a problem with it. We think they would find it funny and flattering...considering it is Halloween and all and that we chose to represent them on a holiday where people dress up. Hope you understand our meaning and thought behind it. We met a couple at the bar and the man asked if I was trying to dress as him. When I asked if he and his girlfriend watched Ellen, they said yes and immediately got it and laughed for a good 3 minutes kept saying how great it was.

  3. Anonymous,

    Your statement in erroneous from the beginning, because you confuse her dressing as an African American for the sake of dressing as an African American (see: Minstrel Show, Bamboozled, etc.), when - in reality - she is participating in a themed costume that is joined with another person. That being said, the fact that she is dressed as a black person (NOT in blackface, as you - again - mistakenly stated), becomes incidental; Ellen's partner happens to be black - if her friend dressed as Regis, Kelly happens to be white...this is pure circumstance. The difference being that to dress as a black person for the sake of mockery and degradation is undoubtedly offensive; however, not quite as offensive as looking for racial issues - and creating them - where they don't exist. Seriously, give it a fucking rest; if you want to take a stand, don't do faceless it on a blog, go to the NFL headquarters and boycott the Washington Redskins or something equally offensive (and actually a legitimate concern). What's next? Can men not dress as women for fear that we're making a mockery of their struggle and hardships? My friend and I can't dress up like the Spice Girls for fear that Gloria Steinem will get offended? I'm all for respect, and yeah, I'd be offended by someone dressing as victim of domestic violence or the mockery of ANY hardship, but when it's purely by chance, the real shit-stirrers are the one's making problems where there are none and cowardly using buzzwords like RACE and RACISM to give their argument the faux-support it is fundamentally lacking. Enough already.

  4. You should be flattered that this fool is following your journey. Ryan-

  5. AMEN to the third comment!!

  6. Well said, third commenter. It's cowardly people like "Anonymous #1" that make this world so over dramatic. Find something worth-while to flap your gums about, and leave Jen alone.

  7. I know one thing about jennifer and it is the fact that she has not an ounce of hatred in her entire being toward anything in this world. To accuse her of such an act especially on a personal blog which was created to follow a journey of becoming a healthier, happier self is disheartening and childish (but did I really need to mention it was childish?) This blog of my dear friend jennifers is entirely about love, positivity and encouragment. We saw these costumes merely as a representation of two of our FAVORITE people. So really, what does color matter? We didnt see different skin colors, we only saw our favorite comedian, our favorite dj and a pretty damn creative halloween if you ask me. Now, back to what this blog is really about ... KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK jenbop, you are on your way! As ellen says - be kind to one another. - Molly

  8. Dear Anonymous: Have some balls...use your name, don't hide. ~Chris~