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Sunday, August 25, 2013

This is Some Biggest Loser Stuff!

BOOM SHAKA LACKA -4.5 POUNDS THIS WEEK!!! 19.5 TOTAL!!!!!!!!!  220.5!  I swear, this Whole 30 lifestyle is amazing.  I have like 2 or 3 days left - technically - but I'm going to keep this up.  How can I not?  I was talking to my friend who told me about this diet and I was saying how when this is over I want to have a Publix sub.  my mouth is watering just thinking of it - but she just said how it isn't worth it.  Has she had one?  No, seriously - she is right.  Why would I go through this whole month and then throw it away with empty calories?  I need to keep this up for a bit longer - it's the best thing I've done for myself. Ever.  I may not be as hard core with worrying about every drop of a possible grain of sugar - I'm just going to be mindful.  I don't need that Publix sub, and right now I don't even want it.  I've had it before, I know what it tastes like.  It's a freaking sandwich.  "Food doesn't taste as good as thin feels."  And let me tell ya - I'm loving the way I feel in my tankini :)  So, sorry, Publix sub - you will have to wait.  I still have 40 pounds of weight loss to go so I'm not considered "obese" and then I'm just "overweight."  Ugh.  I. Can. Do. This.   I AM doing this.  CLICK HERE TO READ AND FOLLOW WITH ME.  PLEASE, IF EVERYTHING ELSE YOU'VE TRIED DIDN'T WORK, DO THIS NOW.  START TOMORROW.  OR TODAY IF YOU HAVE HAD THE FOODS YOU CAN HAVE.  It is such a great jump start.  Remember - you will feel like crap at first... then feel great... then feel like crap again... and then amazing.  AND THIS IS WITH MINIMAL WORKOUT!  IE: running around my first grade classroom.  OH which reminds me - sorry for not posting last week (I had lost 2 pounds) but forgot to write on my blog.. becauuuuuuuuse I WAS TOO BUSY SETTING UP MY CLASSROOM!!!!!!!!!!  YES! I got a job!!!!  It is a long term sub job for a mommy on maternity leave and I'm scheduled until November 1.  YES YES YES! I have never been so thankful to have been rejected by so many jobs.  I knew I was holding out for the right thing to come along and this is certainly it.  I have the BEST team to work with and I'm learning so much!  I don't know how I could have gone into this teaching right away with all that is happening in the classroom.  Holy moly.  Anywho... I'm loving it.  I have some real cuties in there that just make me laugh.  So fun!

On today's menu I tried something new for dindin.

Shrimp Tacos

Now, you're thinking TACOS?! JENNIFER! I THOUGHT YOU COULDN'T HAVE GRAIN!!!! Oh oh oh let me tell you the magic of cauliflower - that is the most versatile vegetable on this planet.  I have made so many meals with it.  And it was so easy!  Here is the recipe for the tortillas. And oh yes, they hold like a soft shell taco and don't crumble apart which is what I was afraid of.  Here is the recipe for the shrimp - which obviously cut down and I didn't put in the sugar.  

So there you have it!  The last two weeks for ya!  My goal was to be down 20 pounds by next weekend when my seester comes to visit.  Only half a pound to go! Think I can do it in one week?  I know I can :)  Bon appetite!  Feel free to ask me any questions - I've had people I haven't talked to since high school message me... and others looking for guidance and tips.  Spread the love!!

"The difference between try and triumph is just a little umph!" - Marvin Phillips

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