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Sunday, September 8, 2013

Shopping in My Own Closet!

Another exciting update - down another 2.5 pounds making it 22 total!!!  I'm nearly a quarter into my goal of 100ish pounds and I'm only two months in.  I HAVE TO KEEP THIS UP!!  As I said before, I was on the Whole30 lifestyle.  A friend of mine came to town and I kept it up for the most part - but did go off the lifestyle for a few days.  I had a few beers and a mojito along with some conch fritters and key lime pie (we were in Key West.)  I was nervous to see how my body would react since I hadn't had any crap food for a month.  I did have some lettuce wraps as well.  My body took it just fine, thankfully.  Then I decided to go back on for another 30 days.  May as well since I'm feeling great.  Within the last week, I've noticed my skin is as soft as a baby's bottom and my nails are getting hard again.  For a little bit I thought they were getting a little brittle and I thought that may be from cutting milk out of my diet... but all is better now.  I just need to look up what other foods have calcium besides milk to keep my bones strong!

There's me and my BFF on the Key West Express heading back to Southwest Florida.  I can see thinner legs and a thinner mid section.  My face is also thinning out.  Well, I'd hope so after 20 pounds :)  

After today's weigh-in, I was curious if any of my bagged clothes (sizes 10-16) would fit.  I found some white capris - SIZE 14 (Sonoma brand which I think run on the bigger size) and a few shirts and a skirt!  Put them in my "I can wear now" drawer and picked out a new outfit for work tomorrow. :)  A lovely salmon colored skirt with a cute black top.  HOLLER!  

I have to say that I was super excited to get ready for my Penn State football... and it's crazy how my mind has changed.  I love beer!  Something was different this past Saturday...I didn't want it.  You're thinking, "Jennifer, no beer during Penn State football? Who are you?"  I don't know!  It's crazy how my mind is changing along with my body.  I can't explain it.  Did I have a beer? I did... because it was free... and I didn't even really enjoy it.  WHAT?!  I also felt I needed to order more since I was in a restaurant taking up a table to sit for four hours and watch a game.  I've been a waitress and I know they rely on tips so in my mind I felt like I needed to order it (even though it was free for a promotion) so I could tip them more.  Looking back it makes no sense because I could still tip more without the beer.  I'll remember that for next week... I don't haaaaaaave to order it just because it's free and I'm there.  I can have a water or iced tea and just leave a few extra bucks. I think I was curious to see how it would taste, too, after changing my eating habits.  Now I know :)

Now, I debated on whether or not I wanted to put up these next pics.  I decided to do it because, after all, this is a weight loss blog, and I am proud of what I've accomplished so far.  With that said, it is of me in a sports bra and shorts so if you don't want to see that, X out right now.  For those that care to keep track and actually see the progress I've made, scroll on down.......



deep breath.


and some of you thought my showing my scale number was brave... lol....


can't believe I'm about to share this....  are you sure you want to look?



July 28, 2013 and August 28, 2013

There I am... 20 pounds down!  I can see my face has thinned... I have more neck to see... even my chest now that I'm checking myself out... I can see a difference there.  Buh bye D cups...   The gut -- I can see on the right some more "definition" instead of just one big blob... it's very small, but I can see it.

Well, not much of a change there... but that bottom roll is less... rollish? Very small change.  BUUUT it's a change!

Here I can see a change in my booty.  It has slimmed down... which I noticed in my tankini swim shorts -- THEY SAG!  Good thing there is a skirt thing around it to hide it until I get a new suit (hopefully bikini!!!) next summer :)  It'll do for winter time in Florida :)

Phew, that's over with... and it only goes "down" from there :)

"The chains of habit are generally too small to be felt until they are too strong to be broken." - Samuel Johnson

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