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Sunday, December 1, 2013


Mercy me the changes that have happened the last three months!!  Right now I am down 28 pounds - 28-ish % of the way there!  I ran a 5k in September... finishing in just under an hour. I wogged my way to the finish - with tears at the end.  Such an accomplishment for myself!

I also did more shopping in my closet - emptying a bag and a half out of my clothes that were too small a few months ago, and even scored a few dates!  Which brings me to today's post: the psychology of weight loss, kind of.

My whole life, like many people, my weight has been up and down.  I've been the girl that guys hit on at the bar.. and the one that guys wouldn't give the time of day to.  You have possibly seen on television different stories of how a beauuuuuuutiful person will go in a store (insert your favorite Julia Roberts Pretty Woman movie quotes here...) and be waited on hand and foot.  That person will then leave the store, get all dolled up in a fat suit, go back in the store and be treated like trash.  Well, right now I feel like Julia Roberts after her little makeover and I'm telling people "BIG MISTAKE!".  In college, I wasn't thin by any means, but there were times when I looked comparable to other gorgeous girls I was out with and would get hit on.  Then, in more recent years I obviously put on the weight. I, myself, have been the same outgoing chica that you all know and love ;)  but I wasn't getting the same.. hmm.. feedback? as I was getting as a "more fit" version of myself.  I'm getting to the point now where guys are starting to talk to me again.  I can't help but wonder if these guys would have been the ones to hit on me 30 pounds ago.

One example I'll use is recently a guy from "my past" came into the picture.  30 pounds ago, I just moved back to town and was looking for friends to go out with like the good ole days.  He had basically fallen off the face of the earth/had plans/was tired <insert excuse here.>  Now, all of a sudden, I show up to the bar one night and he's hanging all over me saying "ooooh we go back so many years!"  We hung out the next day because I wanted to watch football... he asks why nothing ever happened with us... and then walked me to my car, kissed me and wanted to hang out later that week.  Umm.. what?!  Wherrrrrrrre were you a few months ago?  I can't help but think that my weight affected his feelings.  Unless, by chance, alllllllll those other times he really did have something going on.  Do I think that's the case? Not at all.  Mama didn't raise no fool.  I just find it very interesting and thought provoking.  I had this convo with one girlfriend that was kind of in the same boat as me.. and another one who is as thin as can be and the thought had never crossed her mind.

Another example is just people in general... they seem to be nicer to me.  Before, some would basically make plans in front of me and not invite me.. which is TOTALLY fine.. but now it's like "Oh, hey! You need to come out with us tonight!"  Or they shout from across the bar "HEY JEN!"  when I wouldn't get a wave before - but just some look.

My thin peeps may not understand this... or maybe you have something similar.  Anywho, as always, curious on your thoughts and if you've noticed the same!

Oh - I also tried a Power Plates exercise and the Range of Motion machine.  YouTube videos of those crazy contraptions...

"Persevere and you will win the prize."

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