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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

+1 Post Cruise

Though this is a weight loss blog, I feel like I can't go without mentioning the Jerry Sandusky child rape allegations. I, along with thousands of others, grew up with blue and white blood running through our veins and Joe Paterno as a grandfather figure. A man with morals. A man who wouldn't let his players take the field if they weren't making the grade. A man whose team is tied #1 for the best graduation success. Our alma mater lyrics, "...May no act of ours bring shame." A motto JoePa strives for: "Success with Honor." You all know what you saw in the media, I don't need to bring that up. But, I'm tired of hearing how Penn State is an awful school, we're all terrible people for "rioting" (all 50 people out of 40,000 that did damage....and I've heard that some of the people that did damage were, once again, not affiliated with Penn State. IE, high schoolers. Also heard that the media was egging on people to do damage.) What you haven't heard is this: Penn State students, alum, friends, and supporters have raised nearly $400,000 for RAINN. Please don't comment on this blog about how "JoePa is so dirty he needs to shower." (Yes, a plane flying over the tailgate on Saturday actually said that.) But, let's CLICK HERE to make it to our goal of $500,000 and exceed that and HELP those that have been hurt by this God awful situation. Thank you.

Now, some more depressing news. I'm up a pound to down 10 since the start. But, that's post cruise where I admit I drank and ate like a queen. Kept the frozen drinks to two. (You MUST have a Coco Loco.) And drank for the most part light beer...with the exception of an overly crazy liquor night where I danced my butt off. I did incorporate salads and fruit throughout the trip and walked a few times with my mom while I was home 3 miles around the neighborhood. I'm finally feeling better after being sick before the cruise! Going on the cruise just brought the sickness back and when I got back to PA I couldn't walk fast without feeling like I was hacking up a lung. After a few doses of Mucinex (which I don't recommend taking during the day because it'll make you feel sick to your stomach. I took it before bed the next night and woke up soooooo much better.) I feel like I'll be able to wog again! Looking forward to getting back in my routine now that football season (in State College) is over.

"Take care of your body. It's the only place you have to live." -- Jim Rohn

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